Researcher: Michael Whitby

Project: Bat movements across transforming landscapes

By studying bat migratory patterns in Nebraska we will help utility companies, wind energy developers, and wind facility owners avoid, manage, and mitigate the effects of new and existing wind energy facilities.

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Researcher: Zac Warren

Project: Northern long-eared bat habitat and distribution

This project aims to evaluate distribution and habitat usage of the Northern long–eared bat throughout the state. This critical information will allow managers and biologists to focus future conservation efforts on areas that will have the greatest positive impact.

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Researcher: Baxter Seguin

Project: Implementing the North American Bat Monitoring Program through Citizen Science

North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) is a national protocol designed to streamline data collection and encourage collaboration across ecoregions in order to allow for broad understanding of bat ecology, populations, and habitat usage. This project will use NABat to study the full range of bats found in the state of Nebraska, determining the habitat characteristics that influence bat presence and absence across Nebraska using a combination of stationary and mobile ultrasound acoustic detectors.

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