Frequently Asked Questions

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A bat is inside my home, how do I get it out?

A single bat flying in the house is rarely cause for alarm and can usually be dealt with easily. In most cases, the “lost” bat is trying frantically to locate an exit and will leave on its own, though leaving may be more challenging for the bat than getting in! The animal can be assisted by opening a window or exterior door. Doors to adjacent rooms should be closed, all lights should be turned on, and ceiling fans turnedoff. It is important to remain quiet and patient as the bat finds its way outside. If the bat does not leave on its own, and if no direct contact with people or pets that may have resulted in a bite has occurred, the bat can be safely captured and released outside.

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Source: Bat Conservation International

What are the facts about bats and rabies?

No subject has generated more misinformation and fear about bats than rabies. So let's look at the facts. Worldwide, more than 55,000 people are estimated to die of rabies each year (World Health Organization), primarily from contacts with rabid dogs. In industrialized countries, most dogs and cats are now vaccinated against rabies, and the disease is rare in humans and usually results from contact with rabid wildlife, particularly bats. In the United States from 1995 through 2009, an average of two people per year have died of rabies associated with bats. As a Nebraskan, you are actually more likely to be killed by a cow than by a bat Source . 

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How do I keep bats out of my house?

People rarely encounter bats unless they have taken up residence inside a house; oftentimes inside the attic. If a bat can fit their head into an opening, they can enter a home. This means any hole about the diameter of your index finger could be an entry point. The only effective way of dealing with a colony of bats in your home is through exclusion. Patching an exterior opening in a home without providing a method for exiting could trap potentially hundreds bats inside your house. This either results in the death of the colony of bats (and the smell of